Here at Jackson Auto Salvage we have roughly 2,000 cars sitting on over ten acres. We have two separate sections to our yard, a Full-Service and U-Pull-It. Generally we keep a direct inventory of parts on the Full-Service side, however smaller parts are not inventoried. We will allow customers to walk through the Full-Service yard at no cost and look for parts that may not be inventoried, however, there will be no tools permitted. There is a two dollar admission fee for the U-Pull-It section and our Waiver of Liability must be signed before entry. We do not loan out tools, customers must bring their own.
Sell Us Your Car!
Your Junk Is Our Treasure!
We want to buy your car as much as you want to sell it to us!
Text (919) 634-0988 with the following information:
  • Year, Make, and Model
  • VIN Number 
  • Photo ID
  • Known Issues
Don’t worry if you lost the title, we can still buy your vehicle as long as it is 10+ years old.

Someone will reply with an offer, however, please note that bringing the vehicle here, versus us towing it will put an addition $50 in your pocket.
  • Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times. 

  • No Children under the age of 11 can be in the yard without an adult present. 

  • Anyone under the age of 16 must have an adult present to sign for them. 

  • Children cannot be left unattended in the parking lot, there must always be a guardian present.  

  • Check the weather for your own safety, though Permission may not be granted based on weather conditions.    

  • We do not rent tools out, you must bring your own tools. 

  • No torches or flame of any kind. 

  • Gas powered tools are prohibited. 

  • Power cutting tools are not permitted. 

  • We have Wheelbarrows for Your Use.

  • Smoking/Vaping is prohibited in the yard.

  • The use of Alcohol and Drugs is not permitted and can lead to legal action if caught with anything of the sort.

  • Animals may not be left in vehicles without proper care. When it is hot, the air conditioner must be on and when it is cold, they must be provided with heat. Disobeying this may lead to notifying the police to take legal authority. 

  • Do not cross the fence line into the Full-Service.

Payment & Warranty
We accept cash, Visa, American Express, and Mastercards , however, there is a $25 minimum for credit card transactions. We offer a 90 day warranty on all Engines, Transmissions, Axles, Transfer Cases, and Refurbished Batteries. All other parts come with a 30 day warranty. Every part sold on the Full-Service is marked with the vehicle stock number and Vehicles on the U-Pull-It are marked accordingly. Your receipt is your responsibility, therefore, returns will not be accepted without one. 
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Jackson Auto Salvage, Inc. was Established in 1998 by Tommy Jackson

In our State Capital Raleigh, North Carolina with Over 2,000 Vehicles on 10 Acres

U-Pull-It Rules